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Trends & Innovation in Data Governance

30 January 2021 Updated at 6 August 2021

Recent trends & innovations make Data Governance increasingly important for companies. However building your Data Governance can be difficult at first, as it needs to be embed, structured and organized at your company to be efficient. Besides developments in the field of data governance are affected by external factors. In this on-demand webinar our experts will go through the latest trends and innovations in the field of Data Governance.


A better, smarter, faster Data Governance

The need for better, smarter, faster Data Governance has never been higher today. The Corona pandemic has made people think about data ownership putting data governance in the mind of people on a global level. What are the recommendations to perceive Data Governance as an accelerator for your business processes?

  • Definition around Data Governance & Innovation
  • The majors changes and breakthroughs in Data
  • Trends and Innovations in Data Governance
  • Conclusion and recommendations
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